The Russians are Here! Onion Domes

Onion Wood onion domes in winter Domes

chocolate kiss chocolate kiss chocolate kiss

Rumor has it that chocolate kisses were created by an expatriate Russian who missed the onion domes of his homeland.

Just kidding!!

onion domes
Cathedral of the Assumption, the Kremlin, Moscow

Smolensk Cathedral Church of Transfiguration

Old Moscow had a ring of fortified monasteries surrounding the city as a line of first defense against Tartar attack. These domes can be found at the Novodevichi Monastery. On the left: the austere 16th century construction of the Smolensk Cathedral. To the right: Baroque forerunner Church of the Transfiguration has beautiful, gleaming domes.

Kazan Church
Kazan Church at Kolomenskoye

chocolate kiss

St. Nicholas of the Weavers

The Church of St. Nicholas of the Weavers, one of 42 churches in Moscow where religion was permitted to be practiced during the Communist era.

Church of Catherine's Palace

At Czarkoye Selo (the Czar's palace) is the Church of Catherine's Palace. This is not named after Catherine II (the Great) but for the wife of Peter the Great, Catherine I.

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