Faunascape ++ Mikey

aka Captain Mikey, Dirty Dingus

1982? - 14 June 1993
In Memory

Looking back, I'm not sure when Mikey was born, because he was delivered to us - literally. One day, after Tommy vanished, a red-haired lady in a purple dress knocked on the door. She found out from a neighbor we had a missing cat, and she had found a missing black and white cat. I looked at the young cat in her car, and he wasn't Tommy, but I took him anyway, since she said she'd probably take him to the pound.

He quite liked it with us, and patrolled "his" neighborhood until the night he died.

Mikey naps on motorbike
I'm a tough guy. Really, I am.

Mikey in the wheelbarrow
See how hard I labor?
The challenge is in supervising you!

Upside down in chair nap resting on curtains
Such a challenging life sure takes the energy out of a guy!

Bill and 'dinner'
If you think I'm the dinner entree. . .

Under the curtains
. . .then I'm hiding!!

Mikey, Maurice and Mom
Did these guys really think they could steal my rocking chair?

And now for a different slant on comfort

Mikey by tree
What am I getting for Christmas?

Mikey closeup
Divine meditation

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