Faunascape ++ Katya

Born March 6, 1999

Happy birthday, Katya!

The very perfect pantherian model
of a modern cat practicing mischief

Katya's nicknames: Katalushka, Panther, Portreve, Queen Portreve III, Princess Furtoes II, Catula, Catulus, Fur of Evil, Minky

I love my new bed. Ok, I guess you can take my picture!

Katya on kitty hammock
How come you think my naptime's an invitation for a photo shoot!?
Thanks for the bed, Ding! p u ur rr r rr r. . .

"Stalkin', yes indeed I'm stalkin'"

You try to catch me. . .
I'm hiding!

I'm still watching you. . .

Katya After a long day of supervising you, I'm finally tired. Katya

Katya on her tree
Another place for a nap.

Katya in the basket Katya in strainer
I went through a basketcase phase during my teenhood.


Come on, get off that computer and play with me! You will stop using the computer and play, play, play. . .
I love cats because they are so beautiful aesthetically. They are like sculpture walking around the house.

Wanda Toscanini Horowitz

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