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Sergei Pix raise your hands!

Fedorov Fed w Cup Fedorov
Fedorov Fedorov Fedorov
Draper, Feds and McCarty almost nude in locker room Feds in dressing room dressed
Fedorov Fedorov Fedorov
Fedorov Fedorov leaping Feds
Fedorov Fedorov vs Lemieux Check out Sergei
beautiful in blue!
Fedorov Fedorov Kasparaitis and Fedorov
Sergei hockey cards! Kozlov and Fedorov Great Wings, Eh?
Stanley Cup 1997

Thanks to the
Detroit Red Wings
for some of these images
I scanned a few from the books:
A Day in the Life of the National Hockey League
Collins Publishers, San Francisco
1st Edition, 1996

The Coolest Guys on Ice
Jeff Z. Klein and Karl-Eric Reif
Turner Publishing, Inc, Atlanta

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